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Products From and For the Visually Impaired.

What it is to inspire.

Magnisight of the Rockies is tremendously proud of the impact that we make by helping our clients find quality devices, training, and support. Living with visual impairment requires one foot forward all the time. Our team helps guide our clientale in a positive direction through our excellent customer service so that their next step is more confidently placed than their last.

We are confident that our team’s unique experiences enable us to provide amazing results no matter the dificulties that may need to be overcome.

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What We Offer

Portable, Desktop, Wearable, and OCR Machines

From a lightweight device that fits on your glasses to a large HD desktop reader, our product range is guarenteed to have a device that will aid you.

Exceptional Training in Person and Over the Phone

Our team is well aquainted with how the products we offer operate, and how they can be used to help you with your needs and wants.

Customer Service You Can Count On

With timely replies and experienced team members availalable, your questions, whatever they may be, are sure to be answered.